Your PC has files installed on it that are used to create the fonts that you see on your monitor screen and printed pages. On any document (a web page, letter or leaflet) it is best not to use too many different fonts, very often just two fonts will give you enough options to make an attractive and readable document.

For example you might choose Arial for headings and Times New Roman for the main text.

You can then vary the appearance of the fonts by using different sizes or colours with bold, italic and underline, although underline on web pages makes text look like a hyperlink.

Personal computers with the Windows operating systems are supplied with a good selection of fonts. You can add to these but you cannot guarantee that the person viewing your web site will have the same fonts installed that you do. This is a general guide to a few that you might expect people to have.

In general PC's with Windows will have the following fonts:

  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • Wingdings (symbols, e.g.: Wingdings )
  • Courier New or Courier
  • Verdana Verdana was specially designed for Microsoft for use on Web pages, it remains readable on screen and in print in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Marlett (symbols used for Windows buttons, e.g.: Marlett )

PC's with Microsoft Internet Explorer installed will also have:

  • Webdings (symbols, e.g.: Webdings )

All the font examples above are images in case you don't have the appropriate font installed on your PC!

If you use a font that is not installed on the browsers PC their default font will be used, this could spoil the appearance of your page. So you can specify multiple fonts in your <font> tag like this:

<p><font face="Impact", "Arial", "Helvetica", "sans-serif">The text.</font></p>

If Impact is available it will be used, if not Arial will be used, and if neither is available Helvetica will be used. If none of those are available the PC's own default "sans-serif" font will be used. This means you still have some control over the appearance of the text.

If you want to use a fancy font for a title or heading it would be best to create an image for the heading text.