Web Space and Domain Names

Finding web space for your site

Your Internet Service Provider might not provide you with any web space to create your site on but there are lots of free Internet hosts that are funded by advertising. They vary from only providing a small amount of space (from 5Mb) to offering lots of space, e-mail addresses and more! They may impose some restrictions on what you can do with your web site, but they are free after all! If you pay for your hosting you will get more facilities.

Free Web Space Providers:

Paid Web Site Hosting:

Domain Name Registration

Registering a domain name is not free, but can be quite reasonable. Some Web Hosts even include the registration fee in their hosting charge. Registrations for most domains last for two years and you must renew your domain name registration before it expires, otherwise another person could buy the name. You can usually register your domain name with the web host, but beware that it might be cheaper to shop around and buy your domain name and web hosting separately.