Uploading Files

Uploading is the process that transfers the files on your hard drive to the server at your web host.

The uploading process is usually referred to as Publishing or Synchronising, it is done using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) using a program on your PC. There are lots of FTP clients available and they are comprehensive and easy to use. All you need to know are a few details from your web host (the name of the folder your HTML files will be stored on, your username and password). This information will often be on their user web pages or in an email sent to you when you set up your account. Some HTML editors have built in FTP or some form of Publishing Wizard.

The following FTP programs are available from the web (most are time limited trial versions):

The FTP software uploads an exact copy of the files and directory structure that you have on your PC to your web space, but you sometimes have to specify which files to upload, so make sure you know which files have been added or edited since the last time you modified the site.

Some web hosts (usually the free ones) provide a different means of uploading your files, either by a form or page builder on their web site. They will be simple to use but may be a bit more time consuming

When you have uploaded your files make sure you test them again on-line. Even if everything works fine on your PC there might be mistakes that do not show up until you access your web site over the Internet. It is worthwhile testing your web site using different browsers / browser versions as there are differences in the way some browsers interpret the HTML code. Do not worry if your pages do not look identical in different browsers, as long as the pages work.

You can use these tools to check your pages: